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Mission Statement

Blacklock Library Learning Commons is a safe, inclusive place for students to become effective and ethical producers and users of information and ideas. Experiences, activities, and resources are provided that encourage inquiry, exploration, creativity, and problem solving. An appreciation of literature, intellectual freedom, diversity, and equality is promoted and students are encouraged to become self-directed learners, collaborators, and leaders both locally and globally. Blacklock LLC relies on the entire community’s investment and input as it strives to foster a love of reading and life-long learning.


Fall 2019

Welcome to the Jungle!

Calling all monkeys, jaguars, parrots, and geckos! Blacklock Library Learning Commons has been transformed into a lush jungle teeming with exotic plants and friendly animals. Even the Gruffalo has gotten into the school spirit and is dressed as Tarzan!


Library Creatures

Our two gerbil sisters, Beverly and Deanna, passed away in May of last year. Though we miss them dearly, we have opened our hearts to three new baby gerbils. They are sisters and their names are Ebony, Onyx, and Soot. Many of our students enjoy holding the gerbils and helping them become socialized at recess and at lunch.

Our chameleon, Waldo, also passed away from old age in the spring last year. One of our Blacklock families generously made a donation towards purchasing a new chameleon for the library. After a lot of researching, a beautiful baby chameleon was bought from Monika at Chameleons Galore based out of Victoria, BC. Rango was brought home to the library on September 15th and the entire school community has eagerly watched him grow and mature. Rango is a panther chameleon and will grow into his adult colours of red and yellow within his first year of life. He enjoys sunning himself in his red heat lamp and hunting for live crickets for a yummy snack.

Blacklock Bedtime Stories

A dream has become a reality for our fabulous Grade 4/5 teacher, Mrs. Anderson, as she and the rest of the Blacklock staff premiered their bedtime story Youtube channel at the beginning of October 2019.

This year, Blacklock Fine Arts Elementary’s goal is to instil a love of literacy in all of our students, staff, and the community.

It is our hope that Blacklock Bedtime Stories will provide our community with a opportunity to cozy up with loved ones and enjoy a special story read by one of our passionate staff members every Thursday night at 6 pm, PST.

Please enjoy our bedtime stories and share our channel with other families and educators!

Blacklock Bedtime Stories can be found on The Mischievous Librarian Youtube channel at

Watch our Blacklock Bedtime Stories Trailer at:

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