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Mission Statement

Blacklock Library Learning Commons is a safe, inclusive place for students to become effective and ethical producers and users of information and ideas. Experiences, activities, and resources are provided that encourage inquiry, exploration, creativity, and problem solving. An appreciation of literature, intellectual freedom, diversity, and equality is promoted and students are encouraged to become self-directed learners, collaborators, and leaders both locally and globally. Blacklock LLC relies on the entire community’s investment and input as it strives to foster a love of reading and life-long learning.

Fall 2018

Welcome to “A Year at Hogwarts”!

The Library Learning Commons has been transformed into the wonderful world of Hogwarts from J.K. Rowling’s beloved Harry Potter series. Come in and visit the Owlery and the Grade 5 Restricted Section. But beware of the Whomping Willow!



3rd Annual Library Pumpkin Decorating Contest

It was yet another successful Library Pumpkin Decorating Contest at Blacklock. The themes included Harry Potter Characters, House Colours, Owls, and Most Unique Pumpkin. The judges had a very difficult time choosing winners! Many thanks to the students and families for submitting such creative pumpkins and to Rondriso Farms in Cloverdale, Surrey for the generously low price of the 200 pumpkins!



Library Creatures

The two gerbil sisters, Beverly and Deanna, are back in the library again this year. They continue to chew boxes, run on their wheel, and make tunnels throughout their tank.



The gerbil sisters are joined by our newest visitor, Waldo the Chameleon. Waldo has come to us from Mrs. Royer’s house and he is slowly making his home beside the Circulation Desk. Waldo eats worms, swiss chard, and kale. He enjoys ripping apart flower blooms, being sprayed by water mist, and climbing down to visit the K/1 students. If you want to learn more about Chameleons, ask for more information from any Division 9 or 10 student as they have been learning about Chameleons during Library Time.



Design Thinking with Division 7 and 8

The students in Ms. Dobbie’s and Mrs. Cowan’s classes have been busy building in the library. After reading Jon Scieszka’s story, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, the students were informed that the three little pigs’ cousins were coming for a visit. With great empathy, the students built sturdy houses for the piggy cousins to protect them from any wolves that might be lurking in the library. The houses stood the test of the “Big Bad Hair Dryer” and the piggies remained unharmed. Students critically discussed the strengths and flaws in their designs and celebrated their successes. Well done, Division 7 and 8!


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