January 2017 Library Blog

January 2017

Libraries – Not Just a Place for Reading

There is no such thing as “quiet” on Wednesday afternoons when Division 7 is in the Library Learning Commons! Through excited and passionate conversations, Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Royer’s class creates inventions to solve problems for various well known fairytale characters. January saw the class creating parachutes to help Jack get down from the giant’s castle because Jack’s mom accidently cut down the beanstalk too soon.

Reading of the book was followed by research on parachutes. Then, the students drew prototypes from which they created their parachutes armed only with paper, straws, string and tape. Did the parachutes work? You’ll need to ask someone from Division 7 to find out the answer!

New Year’s De-Cluttering

After the holidays, do you find that you need to purge and de-clutter your house after receiving wonderful new gifts?

If you are tackling your bookshelves this January, please consider donating any unwanted books to our school library. Your books will find a new home where they will be loved, either in our library collection or by another child in our Used Book Sale. Please leave donations on Mrs. Huang’s desk in the library!

Bats, Bats, Everywhere!

The Grade One Classes (Mrs. Jarman Division 8 and Mrs. Saunders Division 9) learned about Bats in Term 1.

The students focused on 4 kinds of bats:

  • Vampire Bats
  • Flying Fox Bats
  • Bumblebee Bats
  • Little Brown Bats

The Grade Ones discovered and drew habitats for the four different kinds of bats before selecting one bat to individually focus on. In collaboration with the librarian, Mrs. Huang, the students designed and created habitats for their bats.

Each habitat has the three essential items needed for the bats to survive:

  • Source of water
  • Food (fruit or bugs or pigs blood)
  • Shelter

The students painted, glued, and sculpted. Please come enjoy the amazing bat habitats displayed in the glass cases outside the library and gym!

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