Blacklock Blast – April 2

April 2, 2020

Never before has the Blacklock Blast been such an important communication tool as it is today.  It is through this method of communication that we will provide you with not only the latest information from our school but also from the district.  You can count on a Blacklock Blast going out every Thursday.  If there is any other essential correspondence, we will forward it to you earlier than that.  Please check your e-mails regularly.  If you have any changes to your e-mail address, please communicate those changes with Mrs. Weber at

By now you should have all received an e-mail from your classroom teachers.  Staff have expressed how excited they have been to make contact with you and they look forward to rolling out the district plan for Continuity Of Learning.  I am really excited about the direction that the district is taking in the development and implementation of our new learning plan.  We want to get it right and we want to ensure that all families have the supports in place to be able to implement this new method of learning before rolling it out.  Thank you for your patience and stay tuned….

Staff are excited to let you know that next Wednesday starting at 11:00am we will be doing a drive-by in our catchment neighbourhood.  We will not only be wearing our Monkey shirts that day, but will also decorate our cars with symbols of love and support to all of our Blacklock families.  We hope to see many of you outside as we drive by.  Please e-mail your classroom teachers pictures of your children wearing their house shirts and/or holding posters/pictures of support on that day, if they would like to earn points for their houses.
You can see our planned drive-by route by clicking here –> Blacklock Fine Arts School Catchment Parade Route

At this time, I have asked staff to come up with more creative ways for your children to continue to obtain house points.  They will communicate this to you through their e-mails and we will include updates in future newsletters.
Here are the current standings:
Monkeys – 15,365; Parrots – 14,420; Geckos – 15,611; and Jaguars – 14,301.

This week in place of the Blacklock Bedtime Stories, you can listen to our Youth Care Worker Miss Meghan reading a story by clicking here –>  Video From Miss Meghan

We would like to encourage your child to continue to participate in our KM Club.  In order to make this happen, we need you the parent, within your own family, to mark out a route and keep track of your child’s progress on it.  Once they have run/walked an amount equal to 5km you can e-mail Mrs. Weber with your results.  We will keep a tally and will ensure that your child receives their appropriate coloured foot sometime in the future.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Easter Purdy’s and Australia Zoo Fundraisers!  Pickup for the Purdy’s and/or the Koala T-Shirts will be happening on April 3 & 4 at the home of the Youngs, which is across the street from our school.  Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of the orders and nobody in the home is sick.  It will be a porch pickup with social distancing rules in place.  This is the procedure you need to follow:

  • Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4, 2020 – between 10:00am and 4:00pm
  • 20583 51A Ave, Langley (first house on the right on 51A, next to the townhouse complex on the corner across from the school)
  • Text 604-996-0095 with your LAST name when leaving your home – your order will then be placed in a bin on the porch
  • If, upon your arrival, you see someone else picking up their order, please stay back until they are done and off the porch before you go to get yours. This should help us all stay healthy and well. Thank you for taking this precaution.
  • Do not knock on the door, as it will not be answered
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please text Michelle at 604-996-0095. 

Looking forward to seeing many of your smiley faces next Wednesday during our Drive-By.  In the meantime, stay well and know that you are missed!

Susanna Eppich, Principal


***Message from Mr Peter & Ms Andrea***

 To all the wonderful violin families at Blacklock, we hope you are all doing well…. keeping safe and healthy.

 Even though we miss you all, it is necessary for us to all keep safe and conquer this pandemic together by staying home.  As the school board irons out all the logistics for at-home-learning, we will be responding accordingly as to how the violin program will play out for the remainder of the school year.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience.   Take care and we will be in touch again very soon.

Ms Andrea & Mr Peter



Please note that the Pub Night Fundraiser has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  All donations that we have received to date will be used for a future pub night.  If you bought tickets for this event, please contact the person who sold them to you or e-mail the PAC at for a full refund.

Latest PAC Newsletter —>  PAC Newsletter Mar 11, 2020

Minutes from last PAC Meeting —> PAC minutes Mar 10, 2020

2020/2021 SCHOOL YEAR

Please let Mrs. Weber know at if your child will not be returning to Blacklock Fine Arts in September.  All Grades KGN through 4 will be expected to return to us and Grade 5 students will automatically be registered at HD Stafford Middle School for the Fall, unless we are told otherwise.  If you have any younger children who plan to start Kindergarten in September, please contact Mrs. Weber as soon as possible.


If you haven’t already, please login to your Family Portal account on MyEd BC to access your child’s report card.   MyEd BC Login   We encourage you to download a copy of the report card to your computer, as they are only available for viewing until the next report is published.
If you need help with the Family Portal, you can click here –> Family Portal Help


To access the School Cash Online Login screen, click here –> School Cash Online

Please be reminded that payment options online include credit card (will not accept a Visa Debit or Visa Gift Card) or e-cheque (works with any bank account, not only a chequing one).  If you need information about registering an account on School Cash Online, you can click here –> SCO Registration Info.  All you need to register is our School Board Name (SD#35), our School Name (Blacklock Fine Arts), your child’s name, birth date, and student/pupil number, which can be found on your Family Portal account on MyEdBC.

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