Blacklock Blast – December 11

December 11, 2020

It’s been a busy week around the school as classes are recording their Christmas pieces for our upcoming ‘virtual Christmas Concert’.  I’ve enjoyed watching both the students and the staff as they create what will be both a moving and entertaining event.

It has been my pleasure to read the report cards of all of the students in our school.  Please know that although the format has changed, they are very easy to read and will give you great insight into the specific curricular outcomes that your child has been involved in.  I’m very proud of the hard work that our teachers have done to prepare them and am sure that you will be pleased to see the amount of progress your kids have made this first term.

Today, Term 1 Report Cards will be published to the Family Portal in MyEd BC.  Below are links to two videos that can assist you with accessing the Family Portal in MyEd BC so you can view report cards and other information on the portal and get help with forgotten passwords, as well as a link to Report Card Information for Parents from Superintendent Gord Stewart.

How to Access the Family Portal

Help with Forgotten Passwords

Report Card Information from Superintendent Gord Stewart

Next week, there will be Theme Days leading up to our well-deserved Christmas Break:
Monday – Holiday Hat Day
Tuesday – Grinch or Red/Green Day
Wednesday – dress up as a Christmas tree or wear a Christmas Sweater;
Thursday – dress in your Christmas best.  At 1:30pm students will be viewing the pre-recorded Christmas Concert, which will be made available to parents at 6:00pm
Friday – Pajama Day

Divisions 2 and 9 celebrated their “Most Minutes Read” for the Wonderland Read-A-Thon this week by dressing up Mrs. Huang and Mrs. Schmuland. On Wednesday, Division 9 (Mrs. Jassmann-Harris’ class) raided the drama costume cupboard and chose a “Rainbow Fairy Princess” outfit. On Friday, Division 2 (Mrs. Schmuland’s class) chose a Monkey/Banana combo and enjoyed the day long adventure of Monkey attempting to capture the Banana.
Division 3 celebrated their “Most Money Raised” victory by attending an “Unbirthday Party” in the Library on Thursday. Students played Hot Potato Present, Charades, and successfully demolished a pinata before enjoying yummy cupcakes.

Our Purdy’s chocolate bar fundraiser for our Christmas Hamper program is now done and we raised over $1,100 to support families in our community.  Many thanks to all who supported this important initiative!

Here are the current House standings:

Mome Raths – 4,328; White Rabbits – 4,301; Cheshire Cats – 4,326; and Deck of Cards – 4,303.

Have a good weekend!

Susanna Eppich, Principal


Health and Safety continues to be our top priority. Thank you for completing daily health checks with your child and doing your part to ensure our school community is healthy and safe.

Health Check Form – Revised 2020Sep

Please read the Daily Health Check Form (by clicking on the above link) and use it as a reference when completing the daily health check with your child.


There continue to be cases of head lice in our school.  Please take the opportunity over the weekend to check your child.  For more information, go to:  Fraser Health – Head Lice Info


Here are the upcoming calendar updates:

December 11 – First Term Report Cards Published to the Family Portal in MyED BC

December 14 – Holiday Hat Day

December 15 – Grinch or Red/Green Day

December 16 – Christmas Tree/Christmas Sweater Day

December 17 – Christmas Best Day
1:30pm – School-wide viewing of pre-recorded Christmas Concert
6:00pm – Pre-recorded Christmas Concert available for viewing by parents

December 18 – Pajama Day; Last Day prior to Christmas Break

January 5 – School reopens

For access to our District Community Bulletin Board, please click here:  Community Bulletin Board.      There are always new flyers that may be of interest to you.

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