Blacklock Blast – June 25

June 25, 2020

We are looking forward to our Farewell Car Rally tomorrow, leaving Blacklock Fine Arts’ parking lot at 9:00am.  This parade will honour the outstanding service of Mrs. Roberta Anderson.  Looking forward to seeing many of you as we drive by tomorrow morning.

HD Stafford will be holding a “Summer Transition to Stafford” program in August of this year.  There will be two one-week sessions with 20 spots in each session, August 17th – 21st and August 24th – 28th.  This is meant for those special kids who need some extra time, really missed out on typical transition times, and need that extra time to connect with HD Stafford and their staff.

If interested in signing up, please use this link –> HD Stafford Middle – Summer Connections Program Registration Form

This is their video about Middle School Fears and Myths Videos Summer Sessions 2019:

This is a video about Stafford Summer Sessions 2019:

Wishing you and yours a wonderful summer!  Thank you for all that you’ve done to support your child during these ‘interesting’ times!  Hope to see you in September!

Susanna Eppich, Principal


Jaguars have won the 2019–2020 House Cup!  Your trophy will be available for viewing in September! Congratulations!

Here’s the final tally:

Monkeys: 41,002
Geckos: 42,281
Parrots: 42,751
Jaguars: 42,934


Thank you to all the students and their families for participating in this’s year’s online book challenge.  Based on the votes emailed to Mrs. Huang, the books are ranked as follows:

If I Built a School: 24 votes
A Normal Pig: 24 votes
Mixed: 23 votes
Rescue & Jessica: 23 votes
Mary Wears What She Wants: 22 votes
Ho’onani: Hula Warrior: 11 votes
The Wall in the Middle of the Book: 9 votes
Because: 1 vote
Prince of a Frog: 0
How to Code a Sandcastle: 0

It’s a tie!  A Normal Pig and If I built a School both win by receiving 24 votes each. Hooray!

And the winner of the $50 Indigo Gift Card (donated by your Blacklock Librarians) is….

TAYLOR BROWN of Division 10!    Congratulations Taylor!


Congratulations Blacklock Thunderbird Athletes on a fantastic year of Kilometre Club!

Altogether, the school ran 13,860.75 km with Division 2 leading the way by running 2,083.5 km as a class.

Check out the Jung Family’s Short Movie Clip about the Km Club by clicking here:

We look forward to running this program again in the fall so make sure to stay active and keep in shape during the summer months!


Here are the upcoming calendar events:

June 25 – Last Day of School for Students & Final Report Cards Published

June 26 – Administrative Day – School Closed

September 8 – School Resumes……details to be announced in the beginning of September


For access to our District Community Bulletin Board, please click here:  Community Bulletin Board.      There are always new flyers that may be of interest to you.

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