Blacklock Blast – June 7

June 7, 2019

A picture says a thousand words.  Here are some photos of the highlights of a very busy and happy week at Blacklock.  Thank you to Mrs. Anderson, who led the charge to Victoria, along with the dedicated Grade 4 and 5 teachers and a devoted group of parents.  By all reports, this was one of the most successful Victoria trips yet and I’m sure has created lasting memories for our students.  Operation Waterproof wrapped up last Friday.  I’m hoping that if I ever find myself in difficulty in one of the beautiful lakes of BC this summer, that one of these trained Grade 5s will be there to rescue me.  This morning began with an outstanding dance performance by Momenta, the HD Stafford dancers, and Amy Hamilton’s Dance School.  These photographs do not do the show justice, but to say that we were inspired and entertained only begins to communicate what we felt.  Thank you to all involved.  Then, to make this Friday even better, our amazing PAC Moms hosted a fantastic staff appreciation lunch.  The tacos would give any Mexican restaurant a run for their money and the fact that these were created with such love made them taste even better.  Next week marks a thirteen and a half day countdown to the end of the year.  I saw a Facebook post this morning that said ‘most months have 30 or 31 days, but for educators June has 1,284’.  LOL!  They’re yours in 13.5 !!!!  Have a great weekend!  Got to say, I love my Blacklock family!


Dance Show

Operation Waterproof

Staff Appreciation Luncheon



Neufeld fundraising orders will be delivered on Monday, June 17, at 2:30pm.

FUN NIGHT: June 18, 2019 at 5 PM – 7:30 PM

Tonight at midnight ordering closes on the munchalunch fundraising to preorder your M&Ms burger bbq dinner for Fun Night, due to us needing to tell them our order numbers. It is important that you preorder your food because there will be only a limited amount of extras available!

You can also preorder your ride wristbands at the same time, but they will remain available for order for another week still.

How you can help support this fundraiser:

Volunteer sign up:

Bake a cake(s) or buy one for the cake walk, and drop off on the day of the fun fair in the PAC room in the gym.

Pre-Order your m&m meats bbq dinner and unlimited rides wristbands: under the fundraiser tab


Here are the upcoming calendar updates:

June 10-19 – School Wide Tennis Lessons

June 12 – Strings in Spring Concert at Langley Community Music School @ 1:00pm

June 18 – Family Fun Night

June 21 – Sports Day – 9:00am-2:45pm

June 24 – Grade 5 Farewell in the Gym @ 6:00pm

June 26 – Grades K-3 at City Park and Grades 4-5 at Aldergrove Water Park

June 27 – Last Day of School for Students – 9:00am Assembly in the Gym
– Student Dismissal @ 10:45am
– Final Report Cards Published

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