Blacklock Blast – May 28

May 28, 2021

We are happy to report that our Purdy’s Fundraiser to Raise a Roof for our Outdoor Learning Space has wrapped up and that a total of $1,198 was raised!  Thank you for all of your support to help make this possible.  We look forward to seeing our students using the finished space.

Please click on the link for an important message from Gord Stewart, Superintendent of Schools – Information Bulletin 2021May28

Please have a quick look if any of these Lost & Found items belong to your child:

Here’s a special message from our Grade 4/5 Teachers:  Our grade 4 and 5 classes have been working hard to create a pod show for this term.  Our theme is “belonging.”  Many of us struggle to feel like we belong because of various insecurities and worries; sometimes others welcoming us into the group is enough to help us feel a part of things, but other times we are the ones who need to take the first step to help us belong.  Through this pod show, we explore these concepts through acting and videography, dance, choir, music composition, and visual art.  The performance will be made available to the Blacklock community on June 23.  As with all of our live pod shows in the past, we are hoping our audience members will make a donation which will go towards our show costs, our arts budget, and building a roof for our outdoor classroom.  Please sign in to School Cash Online to make this donation.  We are so excited to share this show with you! – Angela Schmuland, Cheryl Hillier, and Jynelle Grigg
Orders for Edupac School Supplies Kits for the 2021/2022 year were due today.  In the event you overlooked this, we will accept late orders up until 9:00am on Monday, May 31. Extra order forms are available at the Office.  If you’d prefer to buy the supplies directly, please see the list here –>  School Supply Lists for Grades 1-5 – 2021-2022

Spare agendas are available at the Office for the discounted price of $3.00 each.

We still have some extra stock of Mome Rath and White Rabbits House Shirts in the Office and are offering them up for sale for the bargain price of $5.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these shirts, please contact the Office.

House points are as follows:

Mome Raths – 21,298; White Rabbits – 20,946; Cheshire Cats – 21,132; Deck of Cards – 22,395

Have a good weekend!

Susanna Eppich, Principal


Here is a list of the PAC Executives for the 2021/22 school year.

President: Erin Colivas
Vice President: Cindy Haley
Treasurer: Cindy Chung
Secretary:  vacant
Events Coordinator: Michelle Young
Fundraising Coordinator: Lindsey Bain
Health & Safety: Mireille Melen
DPAC rep: Chelsea Crich
Hot Lunch Coordinator: Carla Ferrari
Members at large: Lisa Tatarniuk, Rebecca Milne, Tara Houston


If you would like to register your child to attend school in September, 2021, you will be able to register either online or in person at your catchment school.  Proper documentation is required at the time of registration.  Your child’s registration will not be processed without the required documentation.  Kindergarten aged children must be five years old by December 31, 2021.

Due to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, the process for registration and collecting documents may be different than in the past. For information and instructions on how to register, please click here —> Student Registration Letter 2021 and for the Student Registration Form click here —> Student Registration Form_20212022

Although your child’s Care Card is not a required document, it is an important piece of information for the school to have.  Please make sure you have indicated any medical concerns or information that the school should be aware of (i.e. asthma, allergies, etc.).  If you have copies of any medical documents or diagnostic reports for learning or physical needs, please also have a copy of the original (a copy can be made at the school).  Please also have a copy of any Court Orders regarding custody so the school can have a copy on file.


Here is a poster for help with passwords –>  FamilyStudent Portal Poster (2020 Tri 1 and 2)

Below are links to two videos that offer some help in accessing the Family Portal in MyED BC:

How to Access the Family Portal

Help with Forgotten Passwords


Thank you for continuing to conduct a daily health check with your child. It is an important measure to help keep our school community healthy and safe. To better assist families, the Ministry of Education has developed an online K to 12 Health Check .

COVID19 Health Check 2022Feb24

Please read the Daily Health Check Form (by clicking on the above link) and use it as a reference when completing the daily health check with your child.

A mobile phone app version can also be downloaded, called K to 12 Health Checker.

Print versions are available in multiple languages on our District website here.


Here are the upcoming events:

June 11 – All Library books to be returned

June 22 – Grade 5 Leaving Celebration @ 1:30pm – Students Only

June 29 – Final Report Cards Published & Last Day prior to Summer Break
Dismissal at 10:45am

For access to our District Community Bulletin Board, please click here:  Community Bulletin Board.      There are always new flyers that may be of interest to you.

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