Blacklock Blast – November 13

November 13, 2020

This week, in lieu of an in-person assembly, cohorts throughout the school viewed our pre-recorded Remembrance Day Ceremony as a video presentation.  We hope you were able to join us remotely, but in case you missed it, you can still find it on the Blacklock Fine Arts YouTube page or by clicking on the link below:
Blacklock Fine Arts Remembrance Day Ceremony 2020

One of our students, Cooper Perkin, took the time to paint a model airplane and prepare a presentation poster as part of his way to celebrate Remembrance Day.  Good job Cooper!

You should have already heard lots about our Blacklock Read-A-Thon, which has been organized in the hopes of inspiring a love of reading and to help raise some funds for the library.  Check out this Read-a-Thon trailer.  Next week’s events will be as follows:

-Mad Hatter Monday (Wear a funky hat.)
-Topsy Turvey Tuesday (Read in a silly place.)
-Wonderland Wednesday (Mrs. Huang will share a special video.)
-Thankful Thursday (Encourage your child to bring a book from home that they love and would like to show their classmates.)
-Flashlight Friday (Have your child bring a flashlight.)

Your child should have come home with a donation collection sheet. We would love it if you could help your child ask friends and family to sponsor them for their participation in the Read-A-Thon. Once you have collected donations, you can either keep the cash and submit the full amount through School Cash Online (our preferred method) or send in the cash with the completed donation collection sheet by Friday, November 20th.  (You should have received an automated e-mail informing you about these events and that there is an Item available for ‘purchase’, which is your way to submit donations.)

-If the school raises $1000, Ms. Eppich will do something silly (of the students’ choice)
-The student that raises the most money gets an Indigo gift card
-The class that raises the most money gets to have an “Unbirthday Party” in the library (with cupcakes)
-The ‘buddy classes’ that read the most minutes get to pick Mrs. Huang’s outfit for the day (they can bring things for her to wear)
-Every student that participates in raising money (even if it is 25cents) gets entered into a draw to choose a new book for the library (1 student from each cohort)

We hope that next week’s events raise a lot of excitement around reading. Thank you for supporting the Blacklock Fine Arts Library!

We continue to work on raising money for our Christmas Hamper program through the selling of Purdy’s Fundraising bars for $2.00 each.  Every Tuesday and Thursday these bars are for sale to the students.  If you would like your child to be able to purchase one of these, please send some money to school with them on Tuesday or Thursday so that they can take part.  We will be offering these for sale until we run out of the chocolate bars.

Here are the current House standings:

Mome Raths – 1,004; White Rabbits – 1,437; Cheshire Cats – 1,345; and Deck of Cards – 1,189.

Have a good weekend!

Susanna Eppich, Principal


Our next PAC meeting is Tuesday, November 17, at 7pm via Zoom.

Here are the Minutes from the last PAC meeting –> PAC Meeting Minutes – Oct 20, 2020


Health and Safety continues to be our top priority. Thank you for completing daily health checks with your child and doing your part to ensure our school community is healthy and safe.

Health Check Form – Revised 2020Sep

Please read the Daily Health Check Form (by clicking on the above link) and use it as a reference when completing the daily health check with your child.


Agendas are provided to you at a reduced cost of $5.00 and we ask that you submit payment through School Cash Online by October 31.  Please note that to register for the first time, you will need your child’s legal name, Student ID#, and date of birth.  If you need help with signing up/logging into School Cash Online, please contact the Office.


Here are the upcoming calendar updates:

November 23 – Report Card Preparation and Design & Assessment Day – No Students

November 25 – Neufeld Farms Fundraiser Order Pickup

November 27 – Darvonda Poinsettias Fundraiser Order Pickup

December 2 – Purdy’s Fundraiser Order Pickup

December 11 – First Term Report Cards Published

December 18 – Last Day prior to Christmas Break

January 5 – School reopens

For access to our District Community Bulletin Board, please click here:  Community Bulletin Board.      There are always new flyers that may be of interest to you.

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