Blacklock Blast – October 13

October 13, 2021

Today marks the start of the PAC’s first fundraiser, the Community Values Book, where the goal is to raise $5,500.  Each student has been assigned a book to sell for $30, which they will be bringing home today.  Please see below for detailed information about how the whole fundraiser works.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the PAC for their hard work in helping us to get on our way to raise a roof for our Outdoor Teaching & Performing Space.

Susanna Eppich, Principal


A note from your Blacklock PAC Fundraising Team re: Community Values Book Fundraiser!

We’re so excited to be included in this fundraiser! It’s great profit for our school and will be a HUGE contribution to our overall fundraising goal of $40k (plus!) for our “Raise a Roof” campaign for our Outdoor Classroom (more to come on this!)

You’ll notice that today your student will be coming home with a: “Community Values Coupon Book”

We’re a bit behind other schools in selling this book so we’re hoping that we can all work hard to sell, sell, sell! This book is AMAZING and it really sells itself. There’s 35 pages of coupons (including 6 FREE coupons alone for DQ products, no questions asked!), All from LOCAL businesses (almost ALL local breweries, a handful of wineries, and JRG restaurants etc.)

Gone are the days of the clunky Entertainment Book with coupons for far off locations that you’ll never use. Literally, using ONE coupon from this book can cover the cost.

For this fundraiser we have a goal of $5500. That’s each student selling *TWO* books!

Here’s how this fundraiser works (Please note that we also have an event page set up within the “Blacklock Parent Community” Facebook group where you will find additional questions answered):

  • EACH student will bring home their OWN book (this book holds a unique code related to each child), within a bag labeled to your student
  • The fundraiser runs from October 13-27. During this time, you can use the book that you’ve been sent home with to promote additional sales to your friends, neighbours, and family.
  • This Book is considered property of Blacklock Fine Arts AND One Stop Any loss, damage, or removal of the coupons inside of it without payment, will result in a $30 charge.

We are DILIGENTLY reconciling the data related to “borrowing”, or the return and sales of this book and have experience in doing so. PLEASE treat this book respectfully! If you do not wish to sell or purchase the book KINDLY return the book ASAP in its original condition to your child’s teacher, as it becomes inventory for sold books once returned/reconciled.

*Please remember that this age-old marketing of “sending the book home” is intended to promote sales… AND, it works! We are not able to participate in this fundraiser without the books going home.

So, what’s coming home today?

Your student(s) will come home with a labeled plastic bag with their name and division on it. In the bag there will be a Parent Letter and a Prize Flyer. The Prize Flyer doubles as a sticker chart…

Please see the “Parent letter” included in your child’s labeled bag for “prize” details re: various items coming home throughout the two weeks that the fundraiser runs.

Ok, so there may be some questions. We’re ready! To help, I’m going to address what I can down below. Any others that come up can absolutely be emailed to: or, you can reach out to me, Lindsey, at (604) 308-2081.

Please read the following FAQs to assist in various scenarios:

Q) I want to buy the book I’ve been sent home and not purchase or sell any additional books.

A) Great! Thanks for Head on over to “MunchaLunch” and click on the “Fundraising/Events HERE” tab. From there you’ll be able to select the purchase of your “CV” book and settle your transaction. You keep the book that you were sent home with and start using it! We’ll see your purchase and send home one of the “blind bag” prizes via your student’s teacher. Don’t forget to get them to stick their sticker onto the “Random Acts of Kindness” Chart included in the bag that came home!

Q) I don’t want to participate. Can you exclude me?

A) Unfortunately, we’re not able to make note of any Please return the book the following day or simply return it to Ms. Weber in the office after you pick up your child on the 13th.

Q) I plan on/have sold multiple books. How do I get these/what do I do with this money?

A) Thank-you!! We’re so grateful! Here’s how it works. When you sell multiple books, you simply log onto Munchalunch and select how many books you have ***REMEMBER, you much also count the book that you’ve been sent home with if you have not yet paid for that book. Note to self though, if you’ve paid for 5 books, you’re only going to have 4 come home to you after we reconcile your order because your first book was lent to you prior to payment.

Q) I already settled and now we’ve sold more books.

A) No problem! Head on over to “Munch” and repeat the process for purchasing a book(s). We’ll send the books paid for, and prizes, home with your student.

Q) How do I pay for the book(s)?

A) The EASIEST (for all) is for you to collect cash or cheques from your friends and family and then pay for the whole order via your C/C on Munch. C/C payments not your thing? You’ll still need to place your order via munch and then we’ll reconcile your payment with a receipt sent back to you once we receive your payment. Please make sure that Cheques are payable to: “Blacklock PAC”. Be sure to indicate your student’s name(s)/Div # on the memo section of your cheque.

Q) Why is my student getting a prize(s)?

A) Check out the letter in the bag re: incentives for the kiddos. They get one blind bag for EVERY book they sell! There’s also a 1st & 2nd prize for the classes that have sold the most books!

Q) Why are you saying that I have a book outstanding, and I know I returned it?

A) Mistakes happen, but I PROMISE we’re being extra diligent. You may not see it but each book is coded to each student. We KNOW whose book is who’s. We’re retrieving and reconciling the ins and outs of books daily along with storing them in our LOCKED There is only a couple of us working on this fundraiser to avoid additional confusion. At the end of the day, your due diligence and ours will make this run smoothly. The goal is to raise funds, not spend them in paying back for lost books but overall, it’s generally not an issue. If you’re really concerned, put on a mask, and drop your book(s)/payment to the main office.

We thank you so much for your help in our “Raise a Roof” campaign!!


PAC Blast – October 2021

PAC BLAST – October 2021 Volume 2

MunchaLunch Instructions

Registration for our “Trunk or Treat & Pumpkin Carving Contest” is OPEN.

Should any parents have any questions regarding the event they can either call Lindsey Bain 604-308-2081 or email:

PAC Executive:
President – Erin Colivas
Vice President – Cindy Haley
Fundraising – Lindsey Bain
DPAC – Chelsea Crich
Treasurer – Cindy Chung
Secretary – Dori Pandyra
Health & Safety – Mireille Melen
Hot Lunch – Carla Ferrari


Many of you have been receiving phone calls to pick up your sick child because they were sent to school when they should have stayed home.  Our District’s procedure is for all students to complete a daily health check at home prior to entering school and/or boarding a District bus. The Ministry of Education’s Daily Health Check poster has been updated to reflect new federal regulations regarding international travel. The symptoms listed remain the same. You can find the updated print version here. The updated version is being translated into multiple languages, which will be posted to the Ministry’s COVID-19 Safe Schools website here. Families can also continue to use the Ministry’s mobile app or online version here.  Please remember to advise the office if your child will be late or staying home for any reason.  Any visitor who enters the building must wear a mask, hand sanitize, and complete the sign in log at the Office.


Here are the upcoming calendar updates:

October 19 – Mobile Pumpkin Patch & Petting Zoo at Blacklock

October 20 & 21 – One Hour Early Dismissal at 1:35pm for Parent Teacher Interviews

October 21 – Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill @ 10:21am

 October 22 – Professional Development Day – No School for Students

November 11 – Remembrance Day – School is Closed

November 12 – Report Card Prep & Design and Assessment Day – No School for Students

For access to our District Community Bulletin Board, please click here:  Community Bulletin Board.      There are always new flyers that may be of interest to you.

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